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FAQ - The Brow Whisperer



How long do brow and lash tints last?

While results will vary, most clients have results lasting 6-8 weeks.

How long does a brow wax last?

Depending on individual needs, most clients choose either 3 or 6 week appointment gaps. This can vary between different ethnicities, ages, diets, and general health.

How long do the Natural Lash Extensions last?

Lashes are designed to last between 1.5-2 weeks, give or take a few days. Longevity can depend on several factors such as sleeping positions, oily skin, and at-home care.

How do I remove my Natural Lash Extensions?

You can make an appointment with me for a Lash Removal, or if you can't make it in you can try using coconut oil but be careful to not pull out your own lashes.

My eye area feels itchy after my brow/lash tint/natural lashes, what should I do?

You may be having an allergic reaction. Take Benadryl and consult your doctor. If you need your lashes removed, schedule a lash removal.

What is the maintenance for my Natural Lash Extensions?

Do not get your Lashes wet for 24hrs. Avoid oil-based makeup removers/eye creams/etc. Try to sleep on your back. Side and stomach sleeping can damage them. Refrain from rubbing your eyes. If you have any fall off within 24hrs make an appointment for a fill